Property and contract constitute the machinations of the law and are captured and expressed in various ways and forms. Commercial law encompasses them all and so a broad knowledge and intimate capacity is required when addressing each commercial task.


Highly competitive and cost sensitive, construction industry participants must protect and manage their rights, obligations and liabilities to best effect.  Timely and reasonable legal action is essential to managing risk and ensuring investment feasibility.


Complimenting its other areas of practice as well as standing alone is Madinah Legal’s administrative law function.  Assisting, advising, and representing in response to government decision-making whether in the field of migration or otherwise, Madinah Legal seeks to ensure the compliance of its clients with the correct application of the law.


Major projects are widely regarded as being billion-plus-dollar cost investments.  They entail all aspects of other construction works but typically also require concept due diligence, state negotiations and asset protection strategies, as well as a range of other practical and legal considerations due to their size and complexity.


Export and import accounts for a staple component of trade and the economy and so mercantile principles of private international law should be understood for their flexibility and enforcement. Treaties, trade agreements, and conflict of law principles, as well as a range of commercial law considerations can all be relevant to effective planning, decision-making and dispute resolution in this field.


Tendering, Negotiation, Licensing, Leasing, Joint Venture, Greenfield, Royalty and P.P.P. agreements, Government Regulation, Procurement, Contract Strategy, Alliancing, the Environment and effective Arbitration, are just a few of the legal issues that are relevant to the field of Resources Law.


An organization is composed of people and work forms a substantial part of a working person’s life. Workplace law is therefore of great significance not only for the health of the individual but also for any organisation that strives for optimal productivity.